Welcome to the first of our new Tips for Tenants posts.

Many of our tenants have questions about what they should or shouldn’t do in certain instances, so we thought we’d offer some tips for those of you who are renting, (or planning to rent), that could make life easier or at least answer some of your queries.

Remember your property manager is generally your first port of call if you have any issues regarding your tenancy.

Tenants Tip #1

Unless it is an emergency and someone’s safety is at stake, ALWAYS contact your property manager AS SOON AS you notice anything that needs to be:

  1. Repaired
  2. Replaced
  3. Looks like it might need adjusting.
  4. Showing signs of wear.

The sooner we know about an issue at your place, the sooner we can attend to it for you and avoid it becoming a much larger issue to deal with. If these things are left and not reported, they could cost & inconvenience you and others later on.